What’s in a name?

How your customers see every salesperson....at first.

How your customers see every salesperson…

So you might be wondering why I named the blog: Terrible Salespeople are Everywhere.

2 reasons:

1.)  It sounds funny…which might make someone take notice.

2.) It’s the truth.  Out of the 16 million or so salespeople in America, I would wager a very large portion are simply not worth dealing with.  I’ve seen the look of dread on more faces than I can count as I’ve walked into a buyer’s office for the first time…and its not just because I am super ugly.   Generally, people just do not want to deal with a salesperson.

This is a really good thing!  That should have been the real blog name, but it was too long: Terrible Salespeople are Everywhere, and that’s a really good thing!

As long as a huge portion of the sales population IS a waste of time, it allows for superstars to emerge.  It allows you to stand out from the crowd in a very short period of time, and dominate the marketplace you choose to enter.  It allows you to employ what I like to call the law of the value gap:

In every sales situation where there are two or more people calling on an account, the lower value rep(s) are ACTIVELY SELLING the highest value rep to the customer, most of the time without even realizing it.  They are shutting THEMSELVES down, by being inferior to the “top” rep.  When they lose, they figure the other rep had something going for him/her that they didn’t.  They rarely consider they may have personally played a critical role in their sales demise.

Most salespeople naturally bring/show/display/convey VERY low value.  Why this is, is a topic for another post.  In the meantime, all YOU need to do is simply be awesome….and if you do that successfully, then you aren’t JUST awesome.  You also clearly stand out when compared to the other people calling on an account.  You make them look even worse than they are, and they make you look even better than you are.  Nothing exists in a vacuum, and when you understand how a buyer sees the whole “sales group” approaching them, you can begin to shape their perspective, which will give you a competitive advantage.

Stay tuned for all the ways you can stand out, deliver high value, and dominate your marketplace.

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