We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat.


One of my favorite subjects in life is philosophy.  While I do appreciate the mind bending writings of Plato and Aristotle, that’s not exactly the philosophy I’m talking about.

The particular philosophy of which I am interested is of a more personal nature.  I’m fascinated by the philosophy of your mind.  

It’s the way you “think about what you think about.”  It’s the foundation for everything you think, feel, and do.

Jim Rohn used to say that your personal philosophy is like the set of the sail on a sailboat.  Your philosophy determines how you deal with the “winds” of life.

The same “wind” blows on us all.  In other words, we all deal with similar good and bad circumstances.

Problems and setbacks in life aren’t reserved only for the poor.   When cancer strikes it doesn’t stop to ask what you earn in a year.  A freak car accident doesn’t care what college you went to or who you associate with in your social and work life.

Life is a smorgasbord of good and bad occurrences.  Your ability to make quality choices at each available opportunity can surely begin to tip the scales in your favor, but there are no guarantees as to what will ever happen.  Life would be terribly boring that way.

So, how well have you set your sail to accommodate the wind?  You can go just about anywhere regardless of the weather if your sail is set properly.

I’d like for you to think about your philosophy in another (nautical) way.

What if, instead of a set of a sail, you thought of your philosophy as the entire boat. 

How big is your vessel?  How powerful are the engines?  How agile is it when bad weather looms on the horizon? If you get caught in a storm, how much bad weather can you handle?

Sadly, there are millions of people braving the oceans of life with a rowboat sized personal philosophy.

The trouble is, it won’t take much adversity to capsize a rowboat.

Whatever kind of vessel you’re sailing through life on currently, would it hurt you to upgrade?

Is your current vessel something you’ve given any thought to working on?  Have you even thought about the fact that you are sailing in something?   Do you know what it is?

Humans are the only species with the basically godlike power of thought and self introspection.  Sadly, many don’t exercise this incredible power.

Instead of charting a course, they simply react to stimulus, which is something every other non human creature is capable of doing. They allow the winds of life to blow them about aimlessly and 30 years later, they wonder why they never made it anywhere.

Here’s a quick litmus test to see if your philosophy is on track:

1.) Do you have a generally positive outlook on life?

2.) Do you have short, mid, and long term goals?

3.) Do you have a practical action plan in place to achieve those goals…and are you working that plan?

4.) When faced with difficulty in life or business, how do you respond?  Measured, precise, controlled, thoughtful?  Or the other side of the spectrum…(I have to admit I still struggle with this myself).

5.) Do these questions sound reasonable or ridiculous to you?

If you said yes to the first 3 you’re on the right track.

The real interesting questions are 4 and 5.  Your responses to those questions will speak volumes about the current state of your personal philosophy.

Take some time this week and think about your personal philosophy.

If you’d like to strengthen your personal philosophy further, I’d recommend buying this:

Jim Rohn’s Art of Exceptional Living

It’s not an affiliate link.  I won’t make a dime if you buy it 🙂

You might make a lot more though.

Now get to work on your boat 🙂

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