Today Doesn’t Care About Yesterday.

Today is like a Honey Badger.   It just doesn't give a...

Today is like a Honey Badger.  It just doesn’t give a….

Today doesn’t care about yesterday.

Today looks at the the results of battles previously fought and says “So what?  There’s a more important battle raging right now.”

Today sees the carcasses of dragons slain and says, “Who cares? They’re dead and gone.”

Fights won or lost, past lessons learned or not, today doesn’t care.

It’s not today’s responsibility to ask you to reflect on the past.  Its duty is to teach you whatever skill/insight is next for you.

The only thing today truly cares about is what you learn today.

What skill did you develop today?

What insight did you gain today?

What will you change about yourself as a result of today’s lessons?

Today is handing you dozens of ideas and inspirations all day long. You’re either paying attention to the lessons and implementing them, or you are doing what millions do: ignoring them and not growing.

Today is asking you to take these lessons with you, because it knows that tomorrow doesn’t care what you did today.

Today’s greatest fear?  That you’ll learn nothing and tomorrow can do nothing more than try to teach the same lessons as today.

Have you let too many “todays” go by with no progress?

If you plan on living for at least 1 more day, it’s not too late to start.

Don’t render today useless.

Use today in the way it was intended.

Then you can get something better from tomorrow.

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