To sell more, you need to stop caring.


You’re going to work hard this year.

You have goals.

You have hopes and dreams for where your business will go.

You may have even gone the extra mile and chunked your goals down into weekly or daily action plans.

Now, its time to stop caring about what happens.

Of course I’m not talking about not caring about people, or details, or whatever else requires your attention.  Those kinds of “caring” are good.

The caring I’m talking about is the internal dramatic frenzy we build when we become wrapped up in the outcome of the deal.  That’s the one thing you shouldn’t let yourself care about.

Go do the work.  If you’ve planned well, the brightest, best hope you have to achieve your goal is to simply DO all the things you have planned to the best of your ability.  There is nothing you can do beyond that.

In the process of the doing, you need not focus on the individual wins and losses.  Both are going to occur, but if you’re doing the right things, the goal WILL be accomplished.

So what’s the best attitude to carry with you as you perform?

Confident, peaceful detachment.

You of course, “hope” and “want” every deal to come out in your favor….but you accept the reality that they ALL won’t.  Make peace with this.

Your other option is becoming emotionally dependent on the outcome of every individual deal.   This mentality will take you on a horrifying roller coaster ride of high highs and low lows.   At some point in their career every salesperson has felt the pangs of despair from this emotional overcommittment.

The ups and downs are simply too numerous for the average person to stomach.  Maybe that’s why complacency is so popular.   When its so easy to become emotionally invested in the outcome, its better for some people to simply NOT generate the outcome.

The true winners realize that since sales is a numbers game….there is no better way to increase your sales…than by increasing your potential for that scary duality of outcomes.

The sale will be made or it won’t.  If you’ve done all you can…that’s simply all you can do.

Now let what happens happen.

Ironically, in the process of letting go, you will find that things come easier.

You can give better advice.

You will build trust faster.

You will be a higher value salesperson.

Customers can sense if salesperson has internal confidence and peace.

Customers can also sense desperation.

The outcomes are going to come.  Focus less on what the outcomes are, and divert all your energy into creating more opportunities.

You’ll smash your goal this year.

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