The Big List

1. The Beginning

2. This Sales Stuff is Easy

3. Why “”

4. 3 Things a 6 Year Old Can Teach You About Sales

5. News Flash:  Nobody Cares About Your Price

6. The Law of Value Disparity: Part 1

7. The Law of Value Disparity: Part 2

8. 4 Actions That Produce a Winner

9. The WORST Question You Can Ask a Prospect

10. EVERYTHING is Your Fault

11. It’s Really Bad to be a Good Salesperson

12. 3 Hurdles You Must Clear to Make the Sale

13. How to Become a Gold Mining Tycoon

14. Building the Best Brand on Earth

15. Don’t Try to Lure Them with Free Tequila

16. The Game That Couldn’t be Lost

17. Leveraging the Most Valuable Resource You Have

18. 15 Steps to Crush 2014…or 2015…0r 2016

19. Embrace the Grind

20. Process Above All

21. The Truth

22. You Don’t Know What to Say…

23. To Sell More, Care Less

24. No One Wants You Here AKA The Fight Club Post

25. The Day Everything Clicks

26. Actions Scream Louder Than Words

27. When It’s Time to Swing for the Fence

28. Building the Future

29. Never Assume Anything

30. True Story

31. 6 Reasons to Trust Your Leader in the Jungle

32. Here’s What Not to Do.

33. Casualness Leads to Casualties

34. Mastery Defined

35. A Stellar LinkedIn Profile Part 1Part 2Part 3

36. LinkedIn Profile Do’s and Dont’s

37. Be Careful What You Wish For

38. There is Only One Way Out

39. My Favorite Quote Ever

40. Terrible Salespeople Just Disappear

41. The Major Question You Need to Ask

42. What the Terminator Can Teach Us About Sales

43. Building an Empire in 10 Minutes Per Day

44. What a Single Cup of Coffee Taught Me About Quality Service

45. The #1 Mistake Veteran Salespeople Make

46. Celebrate Your Victories

47. It’s Time to Raise Your Standards

48. The Best Time to Cold Call….REVEALED!

49. The Mindshift That Makes Selling Effortless

50. Get it Done

51. The Secret to Closing? Create a Vibrant Reality

52. On Whale Hunting

53. 95% is Total Failure

54. The Most Important Battle You Fight

55. 5 Lies Salespeople Believe About Scripts

56. Old MacDonald Had….Mad Selling Skills?

57. Terrible Salespeople Are Everywhere…is 1

58. To Sell More…DO NOT Give Up The Ball.

59. Today Doesn’t Care About Yesterday

60. 4 (Preventable) Mistakes That Kill a Sales Career

61. There Are Only 3 Kinds of Salespeople

62. Where Does Success Come From?

63. What NOT to do, Part 2.

64. Hidden in Plain Sight

65. We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat

66. 4 Simple Steps to Stay Above the Fray

67. Be an Owner…Not a Salesperson

68. Buyers Use…the Internet??

69. 2 Selling Concepts You Need to Know

70. Tipping the Scales of Justice

71. They’re Not Buying What You Think They’re Buying

72. Trailhead of the Path to Peace

73. Social Selling is a Big, Fat, Dangerous Lie

74. The Case for Eternal Optimism

75. Chew on this

76. Are you Poisoning Yourself With Pessimism?

77. The 3 Most Expensive Words in Sales

78. Sales is Breaking

79. Work / Life Balance is a Myth

80. A Schedule: The Ultimate Life Hack

81. The Death of A Salesman: Volunteer Work

82. Handle Your Rejections in 5 Simple Steps

83. Work Harder on Yourself Than You Do On Your Job

84. 6 Characteristics of Alpha Salespeople

85. The Sales Effectiveness Explosion

86. How to Build Your Sales Dream Team

87. You Can’t Get Rich Driving a Filthy Car

88. Success is Just a Number

89. The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

90. A Kid’s Film Could Make You a Better Salesperson

91. 90% of Salespeople Give the Other 10% a Bad Rap

92. The 5 Components of True Leadership

93. The Worst Sales Call I’ve Ever Seen


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