The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

A Book Review

Sales Guide

There are hundreds of books published about any given topic every year, and sales is no exception.

I have at least 30 or 40 books about selling in my library already.

So why was I so excited to read The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need?

For starters, I’ve been following and regularly sharing Anthony Iannarino’s B2B sales blog with my team for several years now.

If you’re not familiar with, you need to get yourself acquainted ASAP.

Most of his posts deal with universal truths about selling, success, and healthy mindset.

As a subscriber, in just 2-3 minutes of reading per day I get a steady IV drip of healthy sales philosophy sent to my email inbox.

He’s published a post every single day for over 4 years now.  

I find his consistency remarkable and it’s a brilliant display of discipline.

But what I really look forward to are the posts that seem to come along every couple weeks where he hits the nail on the head so beautifully about a particular topic, it feels like he is writing the post specifically for me as a leader, for my team, or my company.   

These are the posts I like to forward to my inner circle along with my commentary nearly yelling, “READ THIS. HE WROTE IT FOR US!”

I’ve also emailed Anthony with feedback a couple of times regarding his articles. Both times he responded the same day and we even had a nice philosophical email exchange the second time.  It’s great to follow someone who embraces the audience like he does. 

So needless to say, when I found out he would be publishing a long form sales book* I couldn’t wait to read it.  When he put out a request in his weekly newsletter asking for people to be willing to read an advance copy and tell their friends about it, I jumped at the chance.   

Now I am the proud owner of an advance galley copy.  On release day I will be the owner of 10 more copies that I will distribute to, and read with, my sales team.  

You can preorder your copy here.  Watch the video.

Here is why you need to buy this book, and why I appreciated it so much:

The most successful salespeople I’ve ever coached all share one critical ability; they can keep control over their mind.  

Through ups, downs, good, and bad; they stay balanced, unflappable and they press on.  This even-ness, which borders on detachment, allows them to continue performing with consistency, instead of becoming paralyzed in their head.

The paralyzed have a concern and desperation that is unconcealable, no matter what kind of confident veneer they attempt to display to the world. 

So if understanding and living in the right frame of mind is so crucial to selling success, why don’t more people devote the energy to cultivating a healthy mind?  It’s a question that I’m sure I’ll ponder for a long time. 

This focus on the mastery of the mind is why I loved this book.   Anthony doesn’t miss the most important piece of becoming a “complete salesperson.”

Part 1: Mind Set

The first 60% of the book is devoted to the attributes and beliefs, and thereby the behaviors that lead to sales success.  As a skyscraper needs a stable foundation; support structures that often extend hundreds of feet below ground level, so goes your sales career.  You NEED a foundation to build on.

Anthony helps us understand the importance of getting our minds in the right place and the foundation laid before we begin to think about the “above ground” skills and abilities.

With the understanding of self-discipline, optimism, customer focus, urgency, persistence, and several other attributes that this book provides, you will lay the foundation you need to be wildly successful.

Part 2: Skill Set

The final 40% of the book is a master class on skill building.

You WILL become a better operator after reading this.

You will upgrade your abilities to tell stories, negotiate, build consensus around an idea, become known as a leader in your clients’ businesses, and the skill list goes on.

Reading Between the Lines

If this second half was the whole book it would be one of the most well written and real world applicable sales books I’ve ever read.

But, the fact that this skills class is the SECOND HALF of the book is THE lesson you need to understand, and ultimately, why this book is so money.

Being a true sales professional is NOT just about the mechanics.

Mechanics without healthy foundational beliefs are damn near pointless.

When we lack healthy beliefs, it spills out into empty speech and low value approaches like trying to set an appointment by telling someone “how much we would love just a few minutes of your time” and then ending the (miraculously attained) meeting by telling someone we “know they’re busy so we’ll get out of their hair.”

Let me tell you something: if you’re in the prospect’s proverbial hair, then you’ve either been trained terribly, or you don’t belong in sales.

The Key to Salvation

I have a great colleague and friend of mine that once told me that he thought being at the top of the sales game is akin to a spiritual journey.   I completely agree with him.

You can go through the motions, but if you don’t BELIEVE…then you’re not going to be saved.

In the words of Napoleon Hill,

“What the mind

can conceive and believe,

it can achieve.”


The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need is a book that will help you believe.

Good selling my friends.


*Anthony has also put out a brilliant free e-book about cold calling If you are in any kind of hunter sales role I believe it is absolutely required reading.

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  1. I am soooo convince about MINDSET! Once A Person’s Mind is clear and on track, the rest will follow… Their Heart, Soul, and Spirituality… Signing up for book today! Thanks Anthony and Reviewer! Great Review…