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Every 6 months or so my company brings together all of our recently hired salespeople from around the country.

We gather them at our corporate headquarters in LA for a 2 day intensive training class.

We had 10 extremely bright, confident, and capable professionals in the latest group that wrapped up today.  Props to our amazing recruiter.

My favorite element of this training class is when we teach the underlying philosophy/mindset and then the basic process that our salesforce uses to go to market.

The philosophy is so simple that the vast majority of our industry overlooks it.  I’ve seen many different approaches at work.  People are always trying to find a shortcut or an easily  obtained competitive advantage.

Nothing I have seen anywhere seems to work as well as this plan.  Every person I know that has chosen to embrace and live the plan has proceeded to become an unstoppable force in their marketplace.

When (smart) new reps hear about this plan, they frequently say, “Well, of course that works.  I can’t see how it couldn’t.”

There are few things more satisfying than laying out “the plan” and seeing a person really absorb it all and have a true epiphany for the first time.  I got to see that happen these last 2 days.  So fun.

It’s the true “a-ha!” moment. The blinders are removed and everything becomes clear.  Its like the final scene of the Matrix where Neo suddenly begins to see everything for what it truly is.   Now, we’re not fighting “Agent Smiths” out there, but sometimes certain competitors, or even the prospects we’re calling on, can seem that intimidating.

This paradigm shift can be followed by some regret as they think back to all the things they used to say and do that were out of alignment with this new way of thinking and acting.  That’s ok!  That’s where we get the term, “Better late than never!”

Days like today make my job fun and rewarding.  Athough, I must admit most days are like this here.

The future is very bright indeed.

If you’re lucky enough to work at a company that has a strategy that works…a strategy that has been proven over and over (and over), I strongly recommend you get on board.

If you’d like to have a process and there isn’t one where you are, perhaps you should think about coming to work here.

We’ve got a process, and its amazing.


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