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In just the last month I’ve noticed a recurring theme in the sales forums and news feeds that I read.   Based on the articles being written, it seems we in the sales community must have a burning desire to know the perfect time to make a cold call.

I actually know the answer from personal experience.  I don’t “need” to read these particular articles, but I am ALWAYS consuming media, hoping some brilliant author/thinker has figured out a way to do something or a new twist that I haven’t thought of yet.

Quick tangent. You devote a little time each day to study and read new things on a regular basis right?  Constantly consuming and vetting new information is a way to ensure success in your profession.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog and other (quality) sales advice sources, then you’re in that winning category.

Ok, back to cold calling.   I’ve seen no less than 5 articles in the last month promising to reveal “THE BEST” time to make a cold call.  Most of them tend to advise a Tuesday-Thursday window to make your approach.

Here is the general (hilarious) synopsis of the rest of their advice:

Mondays are bad because people are getting settled in/caught up from the weekend.

Fridays are bad because people are trying to get their work wrapped up and get out.

Early morning is not preferable, because you need to let people get settled in, drink their coffee, etc.

Mid morning is the universally agreed upon “good time,” but it can still be a challenge because decision makers are typically in some kind of meeting between the hours of 10-12.

Of course no one is there at lunch….so that’s out.

Early afternoon is ok, but can also be problematic because people are getting caught back up on emails after lunch.

End of day is bad because people are trying to get their day wrapped up.

My conclusion from skimming all of these?

It’s all bullshit.

These articles and their titles are specifically crafted to appeal to anyone possessing a get rich quick mentality.  These authors are simply trying to garner page views with a catchy title because they know the general sales populace would LOVE to know if there was actually a perfect time to cold call.

Now, I am sure SOME of these authors’ hearts are in the right place and they genuinely want to show you the “statistically best time.”

The problem with these articles is that they are completely missing the point.

If your day isn’t FILLED with sales calls where you are sitting in quality, viable, worthy accounts, then ANY spare time you have….is a GREAT time to cold call.

Every seemingly “good” or “bad” window might be the complete opposite.  A purchasing manager may have just had a meeting cancel and he’s got nothing on his calendar for the next 30 minutes. That would be a good time for you to walk in at a “bad” time.

You could walk in at a universally agreed upon “statistically perfect” time, and the biggest machine in the plant just broke down and everyone is running around like crazy trying to find a workaround.  All of a sudden that perfect time isn’t so perfect.

The best salespeople realize that true success is just a few simple disciplines, repeated every day for years.

Filling up a large portion of your spare time with cold calling is one of those key disciplines.

It’s not exciting or sexy, which is why so few people actually stick with it….which is why if you do, you’ll be rare(and rich).

“Spare time” is actually dead time.  Its unpaid time.

You shouldn’t want any “spare time” in your working life.

So when it comes to cold calling, don’t buy any excuses about good times or bad times….just work.   The numbers game will bless you regardless of what the time on the clock and the snake oil salesmen are saying.

Good selling!


UPDATE: The picture below was on my facebook news feed the night I published this post…talk about targeted advertising 🙂

They found the OPTIMAL TIME!!!!!

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