The 3 Most Expensive Words in Sales

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how people respond when presented with new ideas. What is it that makes some people more coachable than others?

I think “coach-ability” is the #1 quality in salespeople that ensures they will grow and develop.  For those people that tend to resist coaching, there is one phrase, (which reveals a state of mind) that stands out above all the others:

That’s not me.

“Ehhh that’s not me” is THE go-to response when a coaching resistant person begins to be pushed outside their comfort zone. It’s the ego rearing its head and saying, “nothing outside of me is more important than me.”

That new pertinent info? That game changing insight? “Irrelevant…it’s not me.”

“That’s not me” is a paralyzing proclamation. It’s like super glue in the gears of your personal development machine.

Guess what? There’s nothing wrong with not “being you” if the “present day you” earns $50,000 a year and you’d like the “future you” to earn $250,000. To earn a 5x multiple, it is most assuredly going to require a different “you.” a more developed you; a more knowledgeable you; a more confident you.

The you of today may not have the command of language you need.  The future you could inspire confidence with just a few words.

I was in church this past Sunday and a woman prayed a prayer (in front of several hundred people) that brought me to tears. It might have been the most eloquent spoken dialogue I’ve ever witnessed.  Seriously…I couldn’t believe it.  I wish you could have been there to hear it.  She reminded me that I have a long way to go.

The you of today may not dress very well. The you of the future could be sharp and professional.

The you of today may not have the technical knowledge you need to convey credibility. The you of the future could be an expert at your craft.

So really….what would be so terrible about changing “you?”

The most successful people on Earth tend to work with more diligence at improving just incrementally than the (comparatively) minimal energy expended by the vast majority who could DOUBLE their effectiveness with very little effort. If you want to know why the 1% is called the 1%…there’s your answer.

So I encourage you to walk away from the majority and join the few. Raise your standards and demand more of yourself. Maybe that mindset isn’t “you” either. This is your chance to flip that.

5 years from now, I won’t be the present day “me” anymore.

I’ll be someone completely different; a more effective speaker; a better listener.

You see which one I wrote first. Maybe I’ll be someone that knows how to prioritize the two 🙂

I can’t see the future but one thing is for certain: I won’t be the me of today for very long.

Neither should you.

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One thought on “The 3 Most Expensive Words in Sales

  1. Interesting parallels to decorating as well! I’m always trying to push clients outside their comfort zones. They hire me because they like my style, but then there’s often some fear when it comes to their own home. Great post!