The #1 Mistake Veteran Salespeople Make.

How many salespeople do this with their business and don't expect a train!

How many salespeople do this with their business and don’t expect a train?

Look at that guy.  He looks comfortable.

The sun is shining.

His task is interesting.

His position is deadly, yet he looks content.  He is absorbed in the task at hand.

How many salespeople do you know that are content like that guy?  They are content with what’s going on in their business.  They are enjoying life.


They are happy…right up until the point they are not happy anymore.

The train arrives and they don’t know what hit them.

They didn’t spend their time INSURING they were not sitting on the tracks and now they are being pummeled by a freight train in the form of competitor or an unfavorable market condition.

Now they are in pain.

The sad thing is that THEY CHOSE to receive the pain.  Here’s how.

They’ve done 2 terrible things to themselves while they thought they were happy:

1.) They didn’t keep their customers happy enough.  They didn’t THRILL their clients enough to endure the challenge.  They took themselves out of “valued partner” status in some way.  They might argue they didn’t…but its not true.  If the customer was absolutely thrilled they wouldn’t look elsewhere.  Competitors would never gain a foothold.

I’ve approached accounts and been shut down…hard.  I’ve had people rave to me about how they would never leave their sales rep.  I always ask what that person does for them to make them so loyal…I want to learn how to get better.

I’ve also been told by  valued customers/partners that they regularly shut down my competitors.  I had a customer tell me this today actually.  As long as my rep keeps doing the stellar job she’s been doing in this account…that competition crushing rejection will persist.

So I know from both sides of the account door that its possible to shut and lock that door.    If you’ve been in sales any length of time you’ve seen both sides of the door as well.

To get settled and complacent is to take that seat in the chair on the train track.  You are leaving the account door WIDE OPEN for a competitor to waltz on in.

The only operating procedure you should display in an account is that of offering ideas for constant change and improvement.  For some people, this is “too much work.”  Somehow, they choose to accept the painful experience of losing business to a competitor, and take on the effort of starting over somewhere else, rather than make the effort to thrill and retain the clients they have.

2.) They set themselves up for mental anguish and possibly financial trouble because they couldn’t afford to lose the business.  If they had spent their time building an empire rather than sitting on the track, losing a piece of business is no longer as terrifying.

Of course you don’t want to lose business…but when you can afford the loss, you can negotiate with a clear head, and you’ll have a higher chance at keeping some of the business.  You also won’t experience the paralyzing fear of financial insolvency…because you’re only losing 7% of your income, not 30% of it.

This will affect EVERY OTHER account you have as well!

A rattled salesperson is not an effective performer.

I encourage you to drive your business forward with a concerted daily effort.  You probably already know the things you should be doing.

Do those things. Don’t sit on the track.    

Or don’t do those things.  Go ahead and rest on the track.

Just don’t be surprised when you hear the whistle.



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Good selling!




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