Terrible Salespeople Are Everywhere is 1.

Terrible Salespeople 1 Candle

Well, today brings a milestone for TSAE.

It’s been one year since we kicked this thing off.

When I started this blog, I had no idea where it would go, or what it would turn into, or even if I could keep it up, but none of those seemed like good reasons to NOT start journaling my thoughts on sales.

I’m glad I started, because I can’t tell you how many times in the year or two prior, I had a sales related thought or epiphany hit me, and I let it pass by unrecorded.

The trouble is we can’t trust our memory.  Some things need to be written down.

I think the greatest skill a sales rep can develop is coachability.  The ability to change what you are so that you can improve.  If you are coachable you can become just about anything else.   Paying attention is the first subset of coachability.  These days, just about everyone you know has an attention deficit disorder.  It’s hard to read, absorb, and respond.

What you have in front of you is a collection of thoughts and realizations about how sales works, and how you can avoid some of the bumps and bruises of the ride if you will pay attention.

Looking back on how this thing came together, the first 20 or so posts were just pent up inside ready to go.  Those came tumbling out at the rate of 1 or 2 a week.  The last 25-30 have been a longer process to think about and develop.

My biggest challenge with this blog now is that sometimes I worry there is not much left to write.  What’s keeping me going now is the experiences I have in life, both in my business career, and in the general world around me.

At this point you’ve been exposed to pretty much all the fundamental philosophy I think I can write.

I’ve come to believe sales is simply not that complicated.

One of my mentors explained it well to me many years ago and it hasn’t changed.

Find prospects — Find out what they want — Show them how to get it

Mastering the fundamentals will take you everywhere you need to go.  If you were to ardently practice ONLY the fundamentals, your resulting natural experiences would turn you into one of the greatest salespeople in your industry.  This would occur because of the progressive improvement of your philosophy and the quality of the ensuing actions you take.

Lots of bloggers have a posting schedule.  One of my sales heroes releases a blog post every single day.  He’s done it for the last 4 years straight.  Incredible.  If you haven’t subscribed to his blog yet…you’re missing out.

These days, I write posts as ideas hit me.  When they come, I tend to think them through and flesh them out.  I don’t want to leave any facet of the idea untouched.

With an average post word count over 1,000, brevity doesn’t appear to be my strong suit.

So 1 year, 82 subscribers, and 4,200 views later, I want to thank you for reading.

Let’s see where this thing goes from here.

If you have an idea for a post, or a question you’d like answered, reach out anytime.

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Good selling!

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