Sorry I’m late. It took me a while to accept the invitation.

Every book on sales, sales growth, and business development that I have read recently at least casually mentions the fact everyone should have their own blog, and that pro blog fervor can run all the way up to an almost fever pitched level of: OMG?»>You don’t have a blog?  You need to blog!!

So yesterday I emailed a great article to a smart friend of mine.  He responded, “Great Article! (told you the guy’s smart). You should start a sales blog…” and I agreed with him…because he’s smart.

So here I am…finally.   I’ve been meaning to start journaling privately as well, but this will have to do. My (mild?) narcissism may just be the thing that gets me to contribute to this thing consistently.

As a sales manager at a large packaging company in Los Angeles, I get to watch B2B salespeople in action every day.  Over the last 5 years, I have committed some egregious sales errors, and watched a few others do the same.  I’ve also seen and done some pretty amazing things in that short time.

In that time, my sales acumen has grown through 4 things:

1.) The thousands of sales calls I have made.

2.) The hundreds of articles I have read (mostly on blogs!)

3.) The few hundred books I’ve read so far.

4.) Some pretty great mentors.

I have come to realize that most newer salespeople are ill equipped to step into the marketplace and deliver.  Surely, experience is the best teacher…but there is something to be said about the person that can go into the marketplace with limited experience, and STILL knock the socks off a decision maker.

This blog will be dedicated to those salespeople….and really any salesperson that has chosen to stay hungry no matter how long they may have been selling.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences.  I am certain I can help some salespeople avoid some costly errors while they grow their income with less stress, hassle, and drama.

Welcome to Terrible Salespeople are Everywhere.


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