Never Assume Anything.


What if you practiced selling like this guy practices golfing?

“Can you move your cart?” She asked with just a touch of a sneer.

I pulled my golf cart up to make a space for the drink cart girl to get by.

She put the beverage cart in gear and took off past our group for the clubhouse.

Talk about a missed opportunity for her…

I hadn’t eaten enough for lunch and I was looking forward to buying some snacks and drinks, both for myself, and also the other 4 guys in my group.

You see I was on a golf outing with a fantastic customer.  The customer had already paid for the round for our whole group, so I was looking forward to treating everyone to the drink/snack of their choice.

It wasn’t going to be a crazy purchase, but it was going to result in a hefty tip.   Let’s say about $10…for less than 5 minutes work.   If she takes care of enough people, she’s got a pretty good hourly wage going.

The problem?  We were parked at the first tee box.    At best, she assumed we didn’t need anything….at worst, she really didn’t care to cater to our group.  I’ll never know.

She lost out on a good tip.  For no reason other than she failed to ask if we need anything.

Don’t assume your customers have what they need.   Ask if you can help with anything….every time you see them.

Even if they say no, you owe it to them as their sales professional.

Do your job.

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