It’s Time to Raise Your Standards.

TSAE Standards

Look at everything in your life.

Everything you believe.

Everything that you are.

Everything that you have.

I’m talking mindset, skills, bank balance, friendships, cars, customers, enemies, furniture, haircuts, spouse, business philosophy, clothing, house(s), physical fitness, personal beliefs, shoes, EVERYTHING.

Every single aspect of your current state of life is a result of your preceding thoughts, choices, and actions.

If you don’t like the results you are looking at, you can simply DECIDE to change your future thoughts, choices, and actions, and you will obtain an entirely different set of results.

A couple years ago I was enjoying a cigar in my backyard with a friend.  This guy was in a place where he was not enjoying the results from some of his recent choices.    He had made some pretty bad decisions in the preceding months.

He asked me what I thought he should do about this and that.  I gave him my opinions, but more importantly I remember telling him, “(Name redacted), you only need to do 2 things to get back on track:  1.) Make good choices from here on out.  2.) Let time pass.”

So what is it the primary factor that drives our thoughts, choices, and actions in a positive or negative way?  How do we ensure we make good choices?

I believe, more than anything else, it is our standards.

Your level of standards is what you are willing to accept in life.

Unfortunately, for some people their standards are better described by what they are willing to SETTLE for in life.

The most amazing thing to me about high standards is that people that lack them don’t even seem to notice.   Millions of people are just shuffling through life.  They leave their town rarely.   They repeat the same day over and over.  They don’t look for new and better ways to do things.   They watch 2-3 hours of mindless TV every night.   They miss out on hundreds of tiny details they could tweak to improve their lifestyle…most of which take ZERO additional effort.

The wierd thing is they’ve even convinced themselves they’re “happy” a lot of the time!  Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve right?  ;p

I suppose that’s ok for some people…but realize this:  people with low standards never change the world.

Do you think the Wright Brothers shuffled through life?  No, they had literally impossible standards.  Machine powered human flight?  “Impossible!”

They got it done.

Do you think the Gemini and Apollo space programs were populated by shufflers?  No. Putting a man on the moon required inventing new standards that hadn’t even been thought of yet!

JFK stated the goal of a man on the moon in 1961.  They got it done in 8 years.

Do you think Steve Jobs was a shuffler?  Of course not.  Here’s a guy that was feared and revered for his near maniacal standards, and what do you know….he becomes one of the greatest business titans in history, releasing more than 10 groundbreaking new devices in his too-short career.  He refused to compromise.

He “put a dent in the universe.”

How about you?  How high are your standards?  When’s the last time you upgraded the way you think, listen, speak, act, dress, perform, sell?  How much time are you devoting to personal development?

If you work hard on your job, you can make a living. If you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune.  

— Jim Rohn

I like to think my own standards are insanely high.  Way outside the norm.  Occasionally, I even find myself annoying people around me due to them.  The ironic thing is that I find the people that I most annoy with my standards are the ones that don’t notice they’re shuffling.

And yet…I’m constantly looking for new ways to raise my standards even higher.  To accomplish more.  To absorb and learn more, to give that away in the future as well.  

I believe that the best way to live is to do as much as I can with what I’ve been given.

Living to our maximum potential is our personal responsibility.  I would encourage you to not shirk your responsibility.

What kind of country would we have if 250 million Americans RAISED their standards of what they would and would not tolerate?  What if people strived for unabashed excellence rather than settling for what they think is “enough” or “acceptable.”

If you want to win, it would be wise to view “acceptable” as a total failure.

What will you strive for tomorrow?  What will you not tolerate?  If you’re truly content with a run of the mill, average life then hey, all the power to you to pursue that (or just let it find you).

It would be a shame to let your life slip by and realize later you wish you’d done something more with the abilities and gifts you were given.  I theorize that the pain of regret is not worth the risk…although I don’t plan to be able to tell you this from personal experience.

You won’t find reasonable men on the tops of tall mountains.  — Hunter S. Thompson

I need to go buy a new pair of shoes.

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