It’s a long road. Embrace the grind.

Its just one foot in front of the other...over and over again.

Its just one foot in front of the other…over and over again.  No one will know how long it takes. They’ll only see how far you’ve gone.

Welcome to 2014.  If you’re like me then no doubt you’ve already set some exciting resolutions and goals for this coming year.

Maybe you’ve even decided to use some of the ideas from the previous article, 15 Steps to Crush 2014.

However you’ve chosen to improve your life and your work this year, I’d like to encourage you to think about this one fact:

Somewhere in the next week or two…maybe even somewhere in the next DAY or two…you are going to hit a wall.  The brilliant ideas and the enthusiastic plans are going to lose their lustre.

Things aren’t going to seem as important as when you first set the plan in motion.

The warm bed feels better than the cold street.

When this happens, I would like you to think back to this moment and realize you are completely normal.  Everyone falls off the wagon from time to time.  Accept it.

Then climb back on that wagon.  

The road to your success will very likely be fraught with hundreds of chances to fail.  This is not a downer.  This is a reality check.  I want you to work cheerfully, yet expect this when it hits you.

When it does, keep putting one foot in front of the other.

If you’re interested in an INCREDIBLY SIMPLE way to build good habits, track your progress, and keep yourself motivated to stay the course, please read this article.

Who would have thought comedian Jerry Seinfeld would be a source for one of the best productivity tools you could ever use?  I use this tool and I LOVE it.    It just works.

Which is what you need to do. 🙂

Good selling friends!

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