How to build the best brand on Earth.


How powerful is your brand?  Do you know what you stand for in the marketplace?  When a client thinks of you…what feelings do they feel?  Are you REMARKABLE?  Reliable?  Flaky?  Unprepared?  A waste of time?

Here is a quick test to determine the effectiveness of your brand:

Ask yourself – Is my business growing, declining, or stagnant?   So goes your brand.

Here is what 4 of the world’s most respected brands stand for:

Apple – World changing, beautiful electronic devices.

Amazon – Effortless commerce with endless selection and great prices.

Google – All the world’s information at your fingertips.

Coca Cola – Fun and enjoyable refreshment.

Whether you realize/accept it or not…everything about you…is a brand.  Your brand is the perception, the “feelings” if you will, you generate for every person you come into contact with.  Every single aspect of “you” is what comprises your personal brand.

So how can you build the world’s greatest brand?

The following list is a pretty good start:

Wardrobe choice – Are you professional or not?

Personal standards – Do you demand excellence or tolerate mediocrity?

Attention to detail – or lack thereof 

Quality of speech – Are you confidence inspiring or low value?

Effectiveness of your business plan – Is it sound or foolish?  Do you even have one?

Visible work habits – Are they solid or disjointed?

Written materials – Are they compelling or not?

Voiced opinions – Are you eloquent or not?

Emails sent – Are they grammatical trainwrecks or well composed?

Voicemails left – Are you interesting or not worth a call back?

Personality – Are you engaging or a wet blanket?

Relationship building efforts – Is your current approach successful or not?

….there is nothing you do involving other people that doesn’t contribute to the brand of you.

How powerful is your brand?  How well do you execute at each category above?  How many books have you read in the last 6 months that improved any of these categories?

Your clients and prospects are exposed to hundreds of brands every day.   Is yours memorable?  Does your brand look and perform better than the competition, or does it look like EVERY OTHER brand in the marketplace?  I hope it’s the former.

You might think it’s your company that is responsible for “the brand.”  The truth is the company you work for is only a piece of YOUR brand.  The company is the conduit that allows you to provide YOUR brand of service.  All of the salespeople at your company have their own unique impact on their customer base, created by their unique approach to the list above.

If you are an all-star it’s probable you would be successful no matter where you worked.  If you’re a schlub, you’ll still be a schlub if you work for an admirable company, although you may not last long…and how did you manage to get hired by the way?  The company is merely a subset of the brand of you.  It’s up to you to flesh out the remainder of the brand.

So ask yourself again:  How powerful is my brand?

I don’t care how good you are right now.  It’s not about being good or great.

It’s about being CLEARLY THE BEST brand in the marketplace for what you do.

It’s time to upgrade your brand.

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