Celebrate Your Victories

TSAE Dinner

Last month, one of the sales reps that I coach hit a pretty big milestone in his career:

This guy grew his sales by more than 1000% over the past 12 months.

That’s a growth rate I’ve seen very few people achieve.

To celebrate, we let him choose a place and my boss and I took him out for dinner.

We drank scotch, we ate delicious steaks, and we reflected on the past year and what he had accomplished.  We recounted all the high and low points we could remember.

As we looked back, we realized the low points were really no big deal because he’s standing on the mountaintop now, looking to an even higher mountain.   He’s worked so hard, and he’s got so much momentum going that those low points are becoming increasingly rare and he’s grown more capable to handle them.

As we chewed on the well massaged, grass fed cows and talked the night away, I was reminded of the 3rd of Jim Rohn’s “5 Abilities” we should all strive to develop:

The Ability to Reflect.

The ability to reflect is so powerful, because its only in the reflecting and the embrace of the rewards in life that we come to experience the joy and fulfillment generated by our hard work.  Reflecting on the past helps us bring focus to the present.

Jim Rohn said we need to “gather up the past so we can invest it in the future.”  That is truly what we accomplished that night.

Lots of times, when a salesperson is deep down in the trenches, it can feel like things will NEVER get better.  Winners tend to power through those times, realizing there is nothing that can be done but to soldier on, quickly and efficiently.

If you were to slow your pace, the next win would take that much longer to realize.

When we reward ourselves for our accomplishments and reflect on the journey, we fill the “tough times gas tank” to get us through some of those seemingly challenging times that WILL come again.

We can remember the celebration, and the fact that during that celebration, we reflected on all the challenges that were faced and overcome.   If you’ve done something once, you can do it twice, you can do it three times, you can do it fifty times.

Plus eating amazing steak is fun 🙂

When you’ve worked hard and realize you’ve reached the top of the mountain….take some time to celebrate and reflect on your journey’s highs and lows.

Then look for the next mountain.

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