Actions Scream Louder…

Make a bigger impact than this...without saying a word.

Make a bigger impact than this…without saying a word.

What if you could prove your worth in a short time to a new prospect, simply through your consistent actions?

What if you could speak volumes about yourself, without ever saying a word?

This is the end result of the sales process I teach my team.

The result is driven by our people exhibiting the quality of consistency

The end game of our process is that our people see their clients, every two weeks, on the same day of the week, and ALSO at approximately the same time of the work day.  The consistency is almost staggering….and it’s not lost on our clients.

The inference that the clients must make, whether they intend to or notis that, “If this guy is calling on me consistently every other Tuesday around 10:30am, he never lingers, and he never misses this call…this must mean he is seeing someone else after me, and likely before me as well.  He must have a pretty full schedule.”    After all, no one assumes you hopped out of bed to make just one sales call today.

Of course it also helps if you actually ARE seeing people before and after.  We’ve established that sales is a numbers game….so don’t lose sight of that.

So how exactly does this consistency of process drive the result I’m talking about?

Are you familiar with the concept of “social proof?”  Social proof is the phenomenon where an observer can “see ‘proof'” that person X has a certain quality, because she sees that other people also observe that same quality in person X, or hears that others have the same opinion of person X.   

For example, if a man is at a party surrounded by a group of attractive females, he has social proof to any other observer at the party that he is an attractive entity.  Now, take that same guy to another party and instruct him to sit in a corner alone for an hour and talk to no one.  He will now be at the opposite end of the “social proof spectrum.”

So how does this relate to sales?  The social proof implication of a consistent, clockwork visit is that “based on how I see this person working with me, he must be calling on lots of other clients like me…therefore…he’s trustworthy, reliable, and even desirable.  After all…lots of people are seeing him.”  

If salespeople do this correctly, they can actually develop this social proof in a vacuum! 

No outside observers are necessary.  The proof comes from an assumption, based on “what I see you doing with me.”

For the few salespeople that understand this, it gives them an extreme competitive advantage in the marketplace.

If it’s possible for you, visit your target prospects and current clients consistently on a regular schedule.  Same day of the week, approximately the same time of day.

Your clients will begin to deduce how many people you must have in your current sphere of influence (hint: they’ll think its A LOT)    A productive and popular vendor is likely a good vendor and therefore a DESIRABLE vendor.

If they start to think you’re accomplishing a lot…you look light years better than the guy that shows up at random, “Just stopping in to say ‘hi’ because I haven’t seen you in a while.”  One of you is clearly better.

Go be consistent.  The results are fantastic.


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