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For the past 17 years, I have been a student of sales strategy.   I have studied how and why sales works the way it does. I have seen some magical sales approaches first hand, and I’ve also watched multitudes of sales dumpster fires.  I have to say…you learn a lot more about sales by watching a dumpster fire 🙂

In the last 17 years, I’ve made more than 25,000 face to face sales calls.  I’ve attended a multitude of live seminars, and I read every book, blog, and magazine article I can get my hands on.  My wife asks me frequently when I plan to stop buying books.  I buy them faster than I can read them, and I think you should too.

My current mission of building high value salespeople has come from watching far too many people begin a career so afraid to be seen as “aggressive” or “pushy” that they run to the other side of the spectrum.  They become timid doormat, beggar type salespeople.  

I help my team resist the options of being aggressive or a timid doormat and find a higher plane of value creation.  I want them to become friendly, engaging, professional salespeople.  I am building salespeople that our clients can’t live without; salespeople that provide a level of service you can’t explain…you just need to experience.  

My blogging hero and unofficial sales mentor, Anthony Iannarino, calls this Level 4 Value Creation. 

If you read this blog and take my advice, you will see three things happen with your sales career:

1.) You’ll learn to work smarter to make sales come more easily to you.

2.) You’ll learn to reduce your work related stress.

3.) You’ll save TIME…the most valuable resource on Earth.

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