6 Reasons to Trust Your Leader in the Jungle.

This looks like an easy route.

This looks like an easy route.  🙂

“It’s a jungle out there.”

Sales IS like a jungle.  There are predators stalking you, dangers that look enticing at first blush, and if you can’t see the sun…you can lose your sense of direction in a flash.

A great leader is a lot like a jungle guide.  They’ve been through it.  They know it.  They can take the inexperienced through as safely as possible.  There will always be danger….always risk…but a good guide will get you through it.

Here’s how:

1.) They’ve been where you are.

They know how hard your job can be.  They can also see ahead to the good times you don’t know are coming.  Share your frustrations.  A hard worker needs to let off steam occasionally. There’s nothing wrong with that, but make sure you don’t become the guy sitting on the trail pouting.

2.) The advice they’re giving you will make you more money

…in a shorter time!  Follow the advice.  Its the closest thing to get rich quick you can find.  I admit this one has no correlation to a jungle whatsoever.

Currency is not useful in a jungle.  🙂

3.) They are NOT trying to micro manage you.

They are trying to ensure your success.  You don’t run into the jungle without a plan.  A watchful leader needs to make sure you are doing the things required to be a success…to get through the jungle safely.  If you ARE doing the right things…you should never feel micro managed.

In fact, I find the reps that I KNOW are doing the right things…need less supervision…imagine that.

4.) They understand the sales process.

They’ve navigated this jungle….hundreds of times.  They know the quickest path.  Go off the path and you can die.  (figuratively)

A good guide knows where the snake pits, spider webs, and tiger traps are located.

Use your leader’s knowledge!  Save the heartache and most importantly the time!

If an expert has marked it off…stay ON the path!

5.) They see you flailing and they are there to steady you.

A good leader cares about your success.  They want to see you cross to the other side.  A jungle guide is only as good as the number of people he’s successfuly guided across the jungle.  Your success is shared.

6.) You do not know better.

No offense!

Experienced Jungled guides are just that:  Experienced.

They didn’t die in the jungle.

If you’re new to your particular jungle, or you are currently lost in the jungle…find a good guide, trust their advice, and follow their directions.

Good selling!


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