This stuff is so EASY!


I always like to say that sales is “easy.”

Recently a coworker gave me a hard time because he thought I was making light of the task in front of our rookie sales reps, namely, learning to create and develop a thriving business out of nothing but their energy and time.  I agreed that this job does take a lot of energy and time…but it is “easy.”

I sent him the video linked at the bottom of this post.  He responded with one word: “Amazing.”  I think he was serious ;p

I am learning to temper my statements to communicate more effectively and not to seem out of touch….but just between you and me….this job is easy 🙂


“The things that are easy to do….are also easy not to do. So you’ve got the choice of one of two “easies.”  Easy to, or easy not to…that’s the difference between success and failure.

I can give you in one sentence how I got rich by the time I was 31: I did not neglect to do the easy things I could do every day for 6 years. Easy meaning: something I can do.  I figure if its something you can do it’s…easy.

What if you should be walking around the block every day for your good health and you don’t? I’m telling you you’re on the wrong track. You should do it, you could do it, and you DON’T do it? Thats called formula for disaster!

All you’ve got to do is let that and a few other things accumulate for 6 years and now you’re driving what you don’t want to drive, wearing what you don’t want to wear, living where you don’t want to live, doing what you don’t want to do, maybe having become what you really didn’t want to become. Just neglect along, drift along and its got you by the throat! It’ll take all your values and leave you with just a little bit of dust in the summer wind and even that will soon be gone.”

— Jim Rohn

This is from one of my top 5 must watch YouTube videos.

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